Advertising Agency Behind SAS Video Becomes Target of Bomb Threats from Right Wing Extremists

A large area in Copenhagen around the advertising agency behind the disputed SAS video was blocked off by the police after a bomb threat on Thursday. The violent attacks against the video are organized from right wing websites and Russian Sputnik, writes Aftonbladet.

Ekstra Bladet reported that the police came to the building, which belongs to the advertising agency, which is behind SAS’s new commercial film questining Scandinavian culture.

The police confirmed to the Jutland Post that there was bomb threat against the advertising agency. Armed police forces and bomb squad was on site together with several ambulances.

Police dogs investigated the address, writes Ekstra Bladet. They also evacuated people from a nearby hostel.

The disputed commercial was shared on the airline’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

The video commerical suggested that Scandinavian culture is copied from other cultures and nothing special. This message angered many and the SAS had to take down the video. According to SAS Norway, the smear campaign against the video was an organized troll attack.

A Swedish fact-checker claimed to Aftonbladet that the violent reactions to the film spread from Swedish right-wing websites via Russian Sputnik.

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