7th Year of Norway’s Bloodiest Terror Attack: 22 July with Photos

7 years ago today the terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik took the lives of 77 people in the government quarter in Oslo and at Labor Party summer camp in Utøya. Most of the victims were the teenagers at the camp.

It was the deadliest attack in Norway since World War II, and a survey found that one in four Norwegians knew “someone affected by the attacks”.

The terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian right-wing extremist,is still serving his 21 years prison sentence (the maximum sentence allowed in Norway).

Photo: Oskar Seljeskog | A sea of flowers and teddybears outside Oslo cathedral commemorating the victims of the massacre in Oslo and on Utøya.


Photo: Jon Kallas | Memorial for the murdered children, Oslo. Memorial at the Oslo Cathedral for the murders at the AUF camp on 22 July, 2011.


Shattered windows of the government building in Oslo after the first attack in the government quarter. Photo: Henrik Lied, NRK  

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Photo: Henrik Lied, NRK | Bed of flowers to honor those injured & killed in the terror 22. July 2011


Photo: Henrik Lied, NRK | Bed of flowers near Utøya Island, where 66 teenagers wore shot to deathby Anders Behring Breivik


People of all background, religions and nationalities lay down flowers and candles out of Oslo Cathedtral in the memory of the 22 July victims. | Photo: Henrik Lied, NRK


Rose became the symbol of solidarity among the Norwegians after the tragedy. Photo: Henrik Lied, NRK


A heart made of flowers in front of norwegian Parliement (Stortinget) | Photo: Henrik Lied, NRK


A sculpture in Oslo is holding a bunch of flowers during the commemoration ceremony. Photo: Kjersti Magnussen


Photo: Roy Nilsen | Bed of flowers to honor those injured & killed in the terror 22. July 2011


Flowers, candles and toys laid by people of all ages in the memory of the victims | Photo: Ausfi 


The benches of Stortinget is covered by flowers as in many other public areas in Norwegian cities | Photo: Stortinget Stortinget

 Photo: Roy Nilsen | Tiger outside Oslo sentralstation. To honor those injured & killed in the terror 22. July 2011


Everyone expresses their sorrow in their own way, reflecting the spirit of the solidarity in diversity after 22 July attacksPhoto: Henrik Lied, NRK

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