Nazi Group in Norway Will March in Fredrikstad against Homosexuality

The right-wing organization had previously announced that they are planning to host a demonstration in a big Norwegian city this summer, but had not told where. Now, NRK writes that the march will take place in Fredrikstad.

Police commissioner Inge Jensen confirmed that they received an application from the Nordic resistance movement to have a demonstration in the city center on July 29.

First Time since the War

If the announced demonstration in Fredrikstad is hold, it will the first Nazi demonstration in Norway since WW2.

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The Nordic Resistance Movement is a right-wing militant movement that exists in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland which have been active since the mid-1990s.

The movement advocates repatriation of the majority of peoples that are not of North European descent from the Nordic countries. It also advocates the eventual creation of one unified Nordic state with a common military, common currency and central bank. Domestic as well as foreign media that act and behave hostile towards the Nordic people, shall be banned. The Nordic state will introduce national military conscription and expand the military. All those who have completed service in the Nordic military service will keep their weapon and gear. Each citizen should be able to aid in the defense of the nation towards domestic as well as foreign enemies. Memberships in The European Union and other similar associations will immediately be terminated.

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