Beggars Leave Norway after NRK Documentary

NRK documentary reveals a network of 140 people controlling the prostitution and beggar market in Bergen, and that in the last five years, 100 million NOK have been sent from private individuals in Bergen to private individuals in Romania.

The police, after the documentary, have urged people to stop giving money to beggars. Foundation Robin Hood Huset earlier reported that  the beggars in the city applied to them complaining about mistreatment after the documentary. They were kicked, beaten and verbally assaulted by people on the street, said general manager of the Robin Hood Huset, Marcos Amano to BT.

In 24 hours, eleven beggars have decided to leave Norway. 

– Eleven beggars have ordered airline ticket to Romania today. Even more people want to go, but they cannot afford, says Marcos Amano. 

It was observed today there was no beggar in the city center. Amano believes more beggars will return to their home countries in the coming weeks.

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