Oslo Airport Regrets Tweeting That They’re “The Best”

Several countries have jumped on the bandwagon following a Dutch comedy sketch that made a case about why they deserve second place. 

Norway’s video suggesting Sweden be last wasn’t well received. However, Oslo Airport took a stab at it. 

A controversial tweet from Oslo Airport stated that they were the best airport. The tweet was a response to a customer’s praise of their customer service. It was taken down shortly after due to negative response. 

The Head of Communications of Avinor, Westher Andersen apologized to those that thought that they took it too far.

“If anybody was offended by that tweet, then we apologize. There’s nothing more to say about that,” he told NRK.

Westher hopes that people will still have respect for Oslo Airport and Avinor, the state-owned company that owns most of the civil airports in Norway. He says that they will be more careful next time.

“We will communicate better before we post,” he told NRK.

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