The World’s Best Cheese Comes From Norway

The Best of The Best

Kraftkar currently holds the title for World’s Best Cheese. Around 20 judges from around the world tasted 3021 types of cheese. They came to the conclusion that Kraftkar is the best.

Kraftkar was then compared to all of the 29 cheeses that have previously won the award. It was considered that best of all of the previous winners, according to NRK

Kraftkar is a bleu cheese made by Tingvollost, a small family business in the municipality of Tingvoll. Population: 3,116.

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Small and Happy

Nine tons of Kraftkar are produced a year. After winning the contest, Tingvollost got several offers from individuals and gourmet restaurants around the world wanting to purchase large quantities of Kraftkar. 

They could produce much more and make a huge profit. However, they don’t want to. 

“Our goal is to have a great time at work every day. Currently, I feel like I have the world’s best job, and I don’t think that I will be any happier if we become twice as big,” Kristin Waagen, one of the makers of Tingvollost tells NRK.

A Quest for Kraftkar

Enric Canut, a cheese expert from Spain, travelled all the way from Barcelona to get the cheese, NRK reports. 

He has been trying to get a hold of a half a ton of Kraftkar for months. However, Tingvollost has prioritized their regulars that have been buying the cheese for years. He ended up leaving Tingvoll with eight kilos of Kraftkar. 

He tries to explain to NRK why the cheese is so exceptional,

“It’s the quality of the milk, the purity, the grass, the cold, the snow, maybe the happy cows.”


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