Oslo Police Officer On Trial For Corruption -The Eirik Jensen Case Continues


The Nordic Page has previously written about the Eirik Jensen case.

Flower Talk

Police officers found 29 cellphones in Cappelen’s warehouse in Oslo along with 109 kilograms of hash in 2013, according to Cappelen has admittedly purchased countless cheap cell phones both abroad and under the table in Norway in order to communicate with his network of criminals.

More interestingly, thousands of text messages between Eirik Jensen and Gjermund Cappelen took place on several of these phones. The text messages have been read in court and questioned thoroughly.

Jensen has on multiple occasions, raised his voice and reacted strongly to the prosecutor’s questions, claiming that this case has been extremely stressful. His most used answers have been ”I don’t know” and I don’t remember.”

He has been unable to explain or remember what has been coined as “flower talk” between him and Cappelen. Many of their messages have been about sunshine and the forest at times when large quantities of hash are said to have been smuggled into Norway. Jensen explained that a majority of the messages were not code and were meant to be interpreted explicitly.

The Informant

Cappelen has been working closely with the police and has helped with multiple cases for over two decades in Norway and abroad.

Jensen explains that some of the text messages were meant to be in code because they were related to special projects that Cappelen and the police were collaborating on. Jensen has previously described Cappelen as the best and most informative source they’ve ever had.

He has also explained that he never knew that Cappelen was involved in smuggling hash. He thought that he worked with the importation of snus and watches, and that he knew a lot about criminal activity in Oslo. Because of this, he was used as an informant and source.

Living Under Threat

At the time of Eirik Jensen’s arrest, several weapons were found hidden in his various homes and in his office at the police station in Oslo. Yesterday, each weapon was discussed.

A few of the weapons were registered but most of them were not. He claims that some of them were antiques and used for decoration. Others were old and inoperative or only parts that had no use, which he didn’t know needed to be registered.

“All of the functional weapons were stored in a gun safe. The weapons that were stuffed in the mattress were there so that they wouldn’t be easily found if there were a break in, for example.” explains Jensen.

Jensen is known for having an untraditional method of getting information, that being anticipating criminal activity by talking to and getting to know potential criminals. Jensen says that his life has been threatened many times during his career as a policeman. Because of this, he wanted to protect himself by having guns and large quantities of cash ready in case of emergency.

Mysterious Money

Jensen has been previously questioned in court for having hidden cash, deposited cash daily and having purchased expensive things with cash. It is unclear where the cash has come from. He explains that the cash is related to his long-term hobby of purchasing and selling old cars and motorcycles.

In the years after Jensen’s arrest, he published a book about his experiences as a policeman in Oslo. He has earned hundreds of thousands of Norwegian Crowns for his book entitled “På Innsiden” (On the Inside). Prosecutor Kristine Schilling wonders why the money was put into an account in his sister’s name, not his own.

“If I took my life, she was going to give it to my kids,” explains Jensen.

“But wouldn’t they have gotten the money no matter what?” inquires Schilling.

This led to Jensen almost yelling at her. He said that the he wasn’t thinking about hiding money, he was thinking about his kids.

The trial starts again on Monday morning at Oslo Tinghuset. Several witnesses will be called to the stand.

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