Liberal Party of Norway Wants Euthanasia Right

Deputy chairman of the Liberal Party, Guri Melby and nine other committee members support the proposal, while two politicians did not accept the wording of euthanasia, writes NRK.

The following proposal is  added in the second draft of the party program:

“Liberals will investigate the possibility to allow euthanasia that safeguards everyone’s interests, both for letting people determine the end of their life, and to protect them against undue influence from others.”

– The formulation of euthanasia is so balanced that it might gain the support of the majority in the party congress, says the leader of Young Liberals, Tord Hustveit Young to Vårt Land.

The Right to a Dignified Death Association (Foreningen Retten til en verdig død) last year had argued there is a clear majority in Norway supporting euthanasia. The association claims 70 – 80 percent of Norwegians support self-determined life-ending for those with unbearable suffering.

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