Record Low Number of Asylum Seekers to Norway

Last year, 3460 asylum seekers has come to Norway. It is the lowest figure in nearly 20 years, according to Immigration Directorate (UDI). Meanwhile, 12.700 asylum seekers were granted residence, which is a new record. 

Asylum seekers who came last year were from about 100 different countries, but most came from Eritrea (586), Syria (529) and Afghanistan (373), according to UDI.

UDI processed 23 300 asylum applications last year, and most of them were cases from 2015. More than half of the applicants got residence permit in Norway.

Nearly six out of ten among those who were granted asylum were from Syria. This amounts to 7400 people. 1600 Eritreans and 1200 Afghans have also been granted protection in Norway during 2016. 

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