7 Year Old Sol Met Norway Prime Minister for Syrian Children

Seven-year-old Sol Kopperud wrote a letter to Erna Solberg and asked if she could give money to Syrian refugees. Yesterday she was invited the Prime Minister’s home, writes Moss-Avis.

In the letter she wrote: “To Erna Solberg. Could you be so kind and give money to refugees in Syria? Greeting Sol, seven years.”

In the envelope she also put a colorful pearly dragon, a bracelet, and 50 NOK she saved. 

The envelope was captured by the Red Cross, who then contacted the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Afterward, Erna Solberg invited Sol to her hosue yesterday. 

– I think it’s so unfair that the kids have it so bad, while we have so good here. It would be boring if I could not go to school, she told when she met Solberg at the Prime Minister residence on Friday night, according to NRK.

Representatives of the Red Cross also attended to the meeting. The money from this year’s telethon goes to humanitarian work in Syria. This year’s telethon is Sunday, 23 October.

– I hope they can spend their money on food, clothing, housing and perhaps a table. I would certainly spend the money on something I needed. Not toys. It’s not something we need, says she to Moss-Avis.


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