Norwegian Couple Served Pizza and Coffee to Housebreaker

Arne and his wife Kari (68) woke up in the middle of the night after hearing some noises from their kitchen at home in Skien, Norway. It was distinctly an intruder who had broken into the house. When they saw the intruder, they reacted totally differently. The couple invited the burglar to care of him. 

– I felt sorry for the man as he stood on the porch in just underpants, so I invited him in, says Arne Solli (70) to VG.

Kari first went down to the kitchen to see what was happening and suddenly shouted. Then Arne had to come. He ran down and met a guy in the kitchen.

He says that the intruder seemed to have problems and had trouble in speaking coherently.

– I reacted with anger and threw him out on the porch. Then we were standing to look at each other. He in his underpants and I in my underpants. That was the moment when it dawned on me: We can not handle it this way, says Arne.

Pizza, coffee and dry socks 

Arne felt sorry for the burglar and invited him in. Kari made coffee, they served him pizza and offered the man a couple of dry socks.

– The man did not remember where he lived or barely knew who he was. I would drive him home, but the man did not remember where he lived. Therefore we had to call the police, who put him in jail. They would prosecute, but we did not want to take the matter further, says Arne.

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