One in Four Use Drug in Norway Capital

According to NRK’s report, people in the the Norwegian capital, Oslo has a significantly higher drug consumption than the general population. Researcher at Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen and her colleagues took saliva samples and interviewed adolescents and young adults in Oslo on drug consuption. Tests showed that 1 in 4 had used various drugs over the last two days.

One of seven were tested positive for cocaine, as many of cannabis. Two percent used MDMA, amphetamines or ecstasy.

– We were surprised, we have never seen such high numbers in a survey before, says Bretteville-Jensen to NRK.

The samples in the survey are distributed throughout the capital, so that the result is representative of the nightlife in general and not a specific environment, according to the researchers.

Bretteville-Jensen says all drug use involves risk of ending up in violence, unwanted sex and injuries.

– In the long term one can get problems with work, school and dependence. Even those who use every four weeks have risks, she said.

Bretteville-Jensen refers to Sweden where they have introduced a collaboration between health authorities, police and the entertainment industry to combat drug problems in nightlife.

– Norway has long been focusing on cooperation with the entertainment industry when it comes to alcohol use, but we should also focus on illicit drugs, says she.


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