15 000 People in Norway Quit Church Membership in Four Days

According to Aftenposten’s report, most resignations came on Monday, when a new solution for enrollement and withdrawal for church membership came online , reports the Norwegian Church.

Currently, 3.8 million, almost three out of four in Norway, are member of the Norwegian Church.

However, there are many who reports that they were listed as members without their consent in 1998 when the population register was used as a basis of church membership. 

Leading bishop of the Norwegian churches, Helga Haugland Byfuglien, is not surprised that many opted out as soon as they eased the system of withdrawal and membership.

– We were prepared for a significant number of resignations and have great respect for the individual’s choice. We take these signals seriously, she said in a statement.

– Our task ahead is to pass on the Christian message and to convey the important role the church can have in people’s lives, continues Byfuglien.

Church council leader Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum also beleives that nbody should be member of a religious community against their will.

-Therefore I am glad that this system is in place. Those who were mistakenly listed as a member of the Norwegian Church or who do not wish to be member can now easily change their status, and it will give us a more accurate registry, says Raaum.


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