AUF Leader to Integration Minister of Norway: Throw That Crone Out of Government

During his 1 May speech in Melhus, Labor Party Youth LeagueAUF leader Mani Hussaini targeted the immigration and integration minister Sylvi Listhaug.

– Throw the crone out of the government, said Hussaini according to Trønderbladet.

The first reaction to this level of rhetoric came from Hussaini’s own party. Deputy leader of Labor Party, Hadia Tajik said his statements are not acceptable.

– This is not an acceptable way to criticize political opponents. Listhaug can be criticized for the policies she stands for but she should not be called as a “crone”, says Tajik to Dagbladet. 

Chairman of the Progressive Party’s Youth (FpU), Bjørn-Kristian Svendsrud also reacts to Hussaini’s speech.

– Instead of focusing on workers’ rights, he spends his time by talking down Sylvi Listhaug. The way he insults a political opponent does not belong to Norwegian politics, he said.

About Hussaini

Born in Syria, Hussaini came to Norway at the age of twelve when his parents applied for asylum. His father was active in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria. The family fled to Norway where they were granted the right to stay in 2001 and settled in Jessheim.

Hussaini became a member of AUF in 2006 and later became leader of the Akershus chapter. In September 2014, AUF’s electoral committee nominated him to become the new leader of AUF after Eskil Pedersen. 

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