Edward Snowden Sues Norway

Edward Snowden has been awarded the prestigious Ossietzky Prize by Norwegian PEN. He has been invited to receive the award in Oslo in November. 

Snowden reportedly has a strong desire to come to Norway to receive the award in November, but fears that the Norwegian authorities will extradite him to the United States if he comes to the country.

Norwegian PEN has commisioned the law firm Schjødt to ensure that Snowden can travel safely to Norway to receive the prize, without risking extradition to the United States. On behalf of Snowden and Norwegian PEN, Advokatfirmaet Schjødt has filed a petition to Oslo City Court in order to allow Snowden to travel to Norway without fear of extradition to the US, where he faces decades of imprisonment under the “Espionage Act, writes Norwegian PEN.


Snowden is wanted by US authorities for having leaked large amounts of classified information, and residing currently in Russia where he has been granted asylum.

– We do this because it is legally and fundamentally important that Snowden will not be extradited to the US when he comes to Norway, said Secretary General of Pen Hege Newth Nouri to NRK.

She said that they support him 100 percent because, his case is so important, and because of his role of revealing the illegal surveillance of civilians.

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