Elon Musk to Erna Solberg: Norway has very bright future in renewable energy

Tesla-founder Elon Musk in talk with Erna Solberg:

        I advise the world leaders to focus more on renewable energy sources. Norway is in excellent position for this. The country has a very bright future in renewable energy because of its hydro potential. I recommend to develop hydro, tidal and solar power, as well as establish high-efficiency transfer lines in Europe. Norway tops among the leaders in adoption of electric vehicles. I love Norway.

Musk also mentions that Norway is perfectly positioned for development of renewable energy resources, while other countries are better positioned for solar energy. That is why, he says, he feels more optimistic about the future than ever before. Though the climate problems are rather acute, he admits. February was the hottest month in history.

The conference is about the future of technological transportation solutions and transition to a low-emission society. The US Transport Minister Anthony Foxx and Elon Musk of Tesla Motors will host other national and international experts to the government conference, led by Prime Minister Erna Solberg, writes ABC nyheter.


The conference is transmitted directly from 09:00.


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