Breivik’s “Human Rights” Trial Costed Norway 1,4 Million NOK

The preparation for lawyers and the organization of four-days trial were estimated by VG at 1,4 million NOK. In case Breivik loses the lawsuit, it is unclear who ends up with the bill. Attorney General on behalf of the State in the recent Breivik’s case was represented by two lawyers – Marius Emberland and Adele Matheson Mestad – whose services costed 243,600 million NOK for 168 hours of work with an hourly rate of 1450 NOK. Lawyers from Anders Behring Breivik’s side, Øystein Storrvik and Mona Danielsen, calculated their costs at 330,937 million NOK for 250 hours. Their hourly rate was 995 kroner. Altogether, lawyers’ expenses were estimated at 574,537 NOK. In addition to that, Oslo District Court needed to organize a temporary courtroom in the gym of the prison in Skien where Breivik is currently placed. It costed 873,470 NOK, including the rebuilding and additional security measures that were necessary to hold the trial in prison. Partly the bill was forwarded to the Norwegian Correctional Service and the police. In total, the costs surpassed 1.4 million NOK. After the trial ended on Friday, Øystein Storrvik said that he was going to take the case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). For Storrvik it is no problem that he does not know whether he gets paid for his job. He says his company works for many prisoners without having a place to send the bill to. It’s part of the job, says Øystein Storrvik VG. – I’ve won in Strasbourg earlier, and there you get your costs covered after the first step in the case, says Storrvik.

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