New generation of Norwegians smoke and drink less, but don’t get healthier

According to the figures of the nationwide research “Health habits among schoolchildren” made by the University of Bergen, approximately one student out of 10 in high school admits being drunk at least once, which is 30% fewer than four years ago, when the last survey was conducted, reports NRK.

Less than 2% students of high school report that they smoke. Even the use of “snus” – smokeless tobacco – goes down.

Today youngsters also tend to postpone the drinking “debut”, which is a good result for the national campaign, thinks UiB’s professor of health psychology, Oddrun Samdal.

Despite the healthy eating habits, children today experience incredible pressure regarding their body shapes. The same survey showed that 2 out of 5 girls at the age of 16 are occupied with slimming down. Most of them totally unnecessary, experts claim. Furthermore, increasing amount of stress at school causes a number of serious health problems for children.

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