PST Goes After Terror Groups Recruiters in Norway

Since 2012, around 90 people from Norway traveled to Syria to join in different terrorist organizations in the war-torn country. Yet no one has been convicted of having recruited others. Now PST priorities to hunt down those recruiters, writes NRK.

– We are very keen to investigate recruitment. It is of great importance for us, because we want to control the environment which is recruiting people for serious offenses, says PST’s deputy director Beate Gangås to NRK.

Gangås says PST want to frame an environment in Norway that helps people to travel to Syria, to commit terrorist acts or join a terrorist organization. 

So far Ubaydullah Hussain, the prolific spokesman for the extremist group Profetens Ummah is the only one who is charged with having helped others to have traveled to Syria. The spokesman was indicted last summer and denies culpability.

PST now extends the investigation in the case to chase other connected people.

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