Record Number of Deportation from Norway

While 1274 people were deported from Norway ten years ago, last year this number reached to 6412, according to NRK.

Researcher Sigmund Book Mohn argues that deportation process works faster than immigration.

Mohn notes that this situation is not only the result of increased immigration to Norway. It has also much to do with the dedicated commitment of the police.

– There are several reasons for the increase in the number of penalties, such as increased immigration, but we can also clearly see that the deportation measure is often initiated by the police. Taking into account the increase in immigration, the police tend to impose the penalty of deportation more often, says Mohn to NRK.

However, according to the new figures from the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the major part of deportation is related to violation of the Immigration Act. 37% more people were sent out of the country due to this reason last year than the year before.

The head of legal department of the National Police Immigration Service Jan Olav Frantsvold thinks it is just too expensive and time-consuming to bring all the cases to court. He believes this is a political question, according to NRK.

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