Lost Cat Reunited with Refugee Family in Norway

Al Alaf family fled from the IS-controlled Iraqi city Mosul through Turkey and the Aegean Sea in October. The family of six set on a dangerous journey from Iraq. They left home and lives in that war-torn country with few possessions.

In three days Al Alaf family, mother Suva and five children crossed the border into Turkey. They also brought their cat Kunkush in a basket.

The family took through Turkey by walking and hitchhiking or taking bus or train. All the way they carried the family cat. After nearly ten days on the run, they took a boat in Turkey to Lesvos, Greece.

When they landed on the Greek island, Kunkush jumped out of the basket. Suva and children searched for the cat in vain, but they could not find it. 

Thus, they had to continue their journey to Norway without the cat. 

Aid workers found the cat

But voluntary aid workers on Lesvos spotted the cat, and took care of it. Aid workers knew that the cat belonged to refugees,  according to VG.

They called cat Dias and started an internet action which they called ” Reunite Dias “, where they were looking for the cat owner. 

Hoping to find the right people, the cat was taken from the street of Lesvos to a temporary home in Berlin. 

Afterward, Reporter John Domokos from The Guardian was contacted by the aid workers to share the story for helping to find the owners. Then thanks to the media coverage, the owners were found in Norway. The reporter Domokos was in Norway to document the happy reunion this week. The Guardian published the story with a video:

Reunite Dias Facebook page thanked everyone involved in the reunion. 

– This story has been one of Hope. It demonstrates that the barriers we create that separate us are ones we create in our own minds. We’d like to take a minute to thank all that were involved in Kunkush’s rescue, wrote the page administrator.

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