Norway to Send Asylum Seekers to Russia by Plane

After Russia’s refusing the return of the refugees by buses, Norway found a new solution. Police Immigration Service (PU) informs NRK that return of asylum seekers who has come across the border at Storskog in autumn will be sent by plane.

A dozen of asylum seekers have been already transported to the arrival receptions in Kirkenes. 

After dialogue between Norwegian and Russian authorities, the asylum seekers who have a residence permit or multiple visas in Russia, will be returned by plane.

– We can confirm that these returns are now underway and that both Moscow and St. Petersburg are appropriate destinations, writes communications consultant at PU, Tuva Otterlei Blikom  in an email to NRK.

Around 5,500 asylum seekers have crossed the border via Storskog in autumn 2015. A few of them have already been sent out before Russia declined the deported refugees by buses in January.



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