Save The Children Norway: Watch Out Your Children on the Internet

Talking to Aftenposten, Kaja Hegg from Redd Barna points out children are abused through devious methods Ā in many cases.

-Parents should talk more with their children and follow them closely over time. Children are vulnerable and can easily be exploited online, says Hegg to the newspaper.

The organization has also produced a brochure designed for children from 1st to 4th grade about cyber security. The brochure will be finished this week and will be distributed to teachers in Norway.

-Today it varies very often where children learn about netiquette and when school starts this education. We do not protect children if we give training in netiquette at 7th grade. Children begin to explore the social media and various games on the Internet long before that age. Therefore it is important to help children understand that they can easily get in touch with unknown people, says Hegg.

She also notes that use Of false identities are common. There are predators that over time builds up confidence with children, and then convince them to send their photographs or do other things. Ā Then this could be used against children. They can be pushed to do more and more. Parents should ask their children whom they have contact with and follow them more closely, says Hegg.

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