Breivik’s “Human Rights” Court Case against Norway to Take Place in Prison

Breivik has complained repeatedly about his prison conditions and being held in isolation, which he argues is a violation of his human rights. Then he has sued the state for violating human rights. His court case was previously scheduled to take place March 15-18. However, due to the security problems posed by moving Breivik from the prison, it was not clear where the court hearing would be.

Yesterday, it was ruled the trial will be in prison, and Breivik’s lawyer agreed to the idea.

On July 22, 2011, Breivik mostly teenagers, at a Labour youth camp on Utoya Island and exploded a bomb outside a government building in Oslo killing eight. Motivated with far-right extremism, Breivik carried out the bloodiest terrorist attack in Norwegian history.

He was jailed for 21 years in August 2012, which can be extended if he is still considered a danger to society.

In September last year he threatened to go on hunger strike complaining that he has spent too much time in isolation. Also he previously threatened to go on hunger strike in 2014 – if the prison did not update the PlayStation 2 games console with a PlayStation 3 and demanded more adult games to play.

This year, he has started studying political science at University of Oslo.


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