Scottish Haggis Can Be Norwegian Viking Food

According to The Telegraph’s report, the butcher Joe Callaghan claims that the evidence is clear – haggis should be made with deer, not sheep. He also suggested that it was not invented by the Scots, but was left behind by Norsemen as they plundered the Scottish coastline during the ninth century.

– We are confident that the Vikings brought their haggis to Scotland, says Callaghan to the newspaper.

Haggis of Scotland is a sausage made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, onion, suet and seasoning.

Varying claims about the origins of haggis have been offered over the years but the scottish butcher and researcher Callaghan is convinced the authentic recipe was left by the Vikings from Norway and  contains port, juniper, balsamic vinegar, redcurrants and spices.

“Deer is an indigenous species in Scotland,” he said. “The Vikings brought haggis to Scotland, notes he.

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