Norway Sent 60 Tons of Uranium to Iran

According to NTB’s report, two teams from the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) traveled secretly to respectively Kazakhstan and Iran during Christmas. In Kazakhstan the teams supervised packing and sealing of 172 barrels of natural uranium to be sent to Iran.

Meanwhile Iran sent 11 tons of enriched uranium to Russia. 

Atom Agreement which was signed in July 2015 requires Iran to have no more than 300 kg low enriched uranium. Therefore Iran has to get rid of it in order to comply with the agreement. In replacement the country will receive natural uranium for nuclear reactors.

US Secretary of State John Kerry asked Norway to assist the process, said Foreign Minister Brende.

– One of the reasons why Norway was awarded the task is that we have been an important supporter of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and we have great expertise in the area. Norway was also a country with which Iran could accept to cooperate, says Brende.

Kerry asked Norway to contribute around 6 million US dollars, about 52 million kroner. Parliament and the parliamentary leaders were kept informed during the process, said the Foreign Minister.


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