Stricter Requirements for Residence in Norway

MP Ingjerd Schou leads the effort to make more difficult the requirements for immigrants who want to become permanent in Norway, reports VG.

– The number of years you have been in Norway will not provide the basis for a permanent residence. You must be able to demonstrate that you have had a certain income, you must know the language and you need to know a little about Norwegian society, says Schou. 

In addition, she proposes that those who want to have permanent residence can not have committed serious crimes, must have a permanent job and an income to, and must have contributed to the Norwegian social security over a certain period. The party will also require written and oral skills in Norwegian and social studies.

Schou thinks Liberals (Venstre) and Christian Democratic Party (KrF) can support them about the proposal and also hopes support from Labor Party (Ap).

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