Norway to Give Finland a Mountain as Independence Day Gift

The group has already sent a petition to the government and launched a Facebook page to support their cause. The campaign also attracts the attention of the international media. 

British Daily Mail writes Norway could give its neighbour Finland a mountain as a gift for marking Finland’s 100 years of independence from Russia.

The campaigners has already chosen which mountain they would give away:The Halti. The peak lies 20 metres inside Norway on the border of Finland. If the campaigners manage to persuade the government, the 1,365-metre Halti would become the highest peak in Finland.

On the Facebook page of the campaign, they wrote: ’The aim of the site is to see how many Norwegians are interested in giving Finland Halti Mountain, which is 20 m within our borders, as anniversary gift in 2017.’

The Facebook page has already more than 9 thousands like.

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