Six Out of Ten Norwegians Are Worried about the Influx of Refugees

In the survey conducted by TNS Gallup for TV2, the participants were asked what they think of refugee crisis, what they fear most in the future and whether they would invite an asylum seeker for a cup of coffee.

Six out of ten interviewees believe there are too many refugees and Norway should receive fewer. Only one in ten think the government should accept more than current number.

Also many Norwegians are worried about higher unemployment and increased immigration. According to the survey, 30.9% are worried about war and conflict, 17.4 percent are concerned about increased immigration and 17.3% are worried about a new terrorist attack in Norway.

Despite increased concern about immigration, many are willing to share a cup of tea with the refugees. Seven out of ten say they would like to invite an asylum applicant for a cup of coffee, or that they have already done so.

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