Principals in Oslo Are Against Hijab Ban

Former Culture Minister of Norway and Deputy Chairman of the Labour Party (Ap), Norwegian- Pakistani Hadia Tajik proposed  to ban hijab at elementary schools.

Talking to Norwegian daily Aftenposten, Tajik said they should not accept sexualization of young girls.

– We would never accept a 9-year-old coming to school with miniskirt and high heels. The same applies for hijab – it is a garment that is supposed to make women less sexually attractive to men, says Tajik to NRK.

However principlas in Oslo schools are sceptical about Tajik’s proposal.

A telephone survey NRK has done with several principals in Oslo schools with a high proportion of students from minority backgrounds, shows that there are very few who wear hijab, so the principals do not see a reason to make it an issue. 

– A ban becomes confrontational, I think one should use other means, such as dialogue, says a principal talking to NRK.

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