Another Oslo school closed after terror threat

Grünerløkka school received the bombing threats two weeks ago. Now the school has been threatened again on Instagram.

– This time the threats are of a different nature, but of the same origin, comments Dag Hovdhaugen, the Deputy Director of Utdanningsetaten, the school and education agency in Oslo, – This time we deal with death threats against certain individuals.

The threat comes from the same Instagram-account as the last time, but Utdanningsetaten does not think that the threat is real, according to NRK.

– Based on how the threat is designed, where it is located and the type of threat it is, we believe it is not real. However, until we’ve checked it out to be sure that it is harmless, we need to deal with it as if it was real, says Hovdhaugen.

Despite the fact that the school received two terror threats in the course of two weeks, this situation is very unusual, means Utdanningsetaten.  

– If the students’ safety forces us to close the school, we’ll do it, said Hovdhaugen to NRK, adding that such threats towards schools are very unusual.

Police are now investigating the case.

Several days ago two Norwegian schools were evacuated after they received anonymous terror threats through the mobile app Jodel. 


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