Two Norwegian High Schools Closed with Anonymous Terror Threats

Tuesday evening a threat message “Glocken [pistol] is in the bag pack, just wait, this will show them” was posted on “Jodel” in Telemark. The next morning the Police was controlling the entrance to escort students off campus, writes Telemarksavisa.

The same happened in Vestfold, where the Greveskogen high school in Tønsberg was closed Wednesday morning after the anonymous bomb threat was claimed using the same mobile app.

This time the message was different: “To all students and employees at Greveskogen high school: Stay at home. This is the last you’ll hear from me here on Jodel.”Police received the threat at 1.15am night to Wednesday and at 11 am they have caught a 16-year-old boy who, according to Aftenposten, has admitted to having sent the threat messages.

The police stated that the boy was not a student of this school, but denied saying how he was detected. The boy was then released after the interrogation. The charges against him are maintained and the police told NTB that it is too early to decide on the type of sanctions for him.

Police have also arrested two suspects who presumably posted the threats in Telemark.

“Jodel” is a German mobile applicationdirected mainly at university students, where anonymous posts can be spread to anybody within the 10-kilometers proximity. It has recently spread to other European countries. Many people are worried about the misuse of this app, since there have recently been several occasions when this app was used for false fire alarm and now – for terror threats.

“People tend to lose control when they know they are anonymous. While sitting with a phone in his hand it’s easy to share something that might not be so thoughtful, explains such behaviour Ståle Grut from NRK Beta.


Greveskogen school is opened since Thursday November, 19. The day began with the information meeting for students, teachers, together with the police. The headmaster urges the students to stop using this dangerous application.

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