Norway May Be Sentenced for Breivik’s Prison Conditions

NRK published the Civil Ombudsman’s report from this summer’s planned visit in prison.

The report includes a description of the risk of torture or inhuman treatment in the prison where Breivik stays.

– The administration of the prison reportedly sets very strict limits on inmates’ freedom of movement and the opportunity for human contact. From a prevention perspective there is risk of isolation damage, says Ombudsman Aage Thor Falkanger in a statement.

AFter the warnings, the authorities had to make a series of adjustments to the prison conditions of Anders Behring Breivik to prevent isolation damage. Now he play games and cook with the employees once a week in a common area.

In prison, Breivik has very little contact with other people. All visit requests are denied –  except for professional helpers. Also a military priest visits him biweekly and talk to him behind a glass wall.

Previsously, Breivik has sued the Norwegian state for the prison conditions and also had threatened with hunger strike.

Breivik’s advocate in the case against the State, lawyer Øystein Storrvik says to NRK that the conditions ans statements in the report strenghten their case.




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