Norway is again the Best Place to Live for Both Natives and Immigrants

The country has kept its place since last year. Norway’s best performance is in the Social Capital sub-index, where it ranks 2nd in 2015. Norway’s lowest rank is in te Safety and security sub-index, where it ranks 8th.

This year Singapore ranks 1st in the Economy sub-index, up from 2nd last year, displacing Switzerland. The country has the second highest capital per worker in the world: $240,750 per worker. 47% of the country’s manufactured exports are classified as ’high-tech’, the third highest in the world.

Most Immigrant Friendly Country

Norway is one of the five most tolerant countries towards immigrants together with Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, and Ireland . The UK comes in at 17th. 92% of Canadians believe that their country is a good place for immigrants; this figure is 90% for Norway, New Zealand, and Iceland; and 89% for Ireland.

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