Norway: the best country to be refugee in?

Denmark pays 5945 NOK (about 600 euro) per month, in Sweden this amount a bit higher – 6700 NOK (670 euros), while in Norway the sum reaches up to 15 011 NOK (1500 euro) per month, investigated Aftenposten.

The refugee flow is not evenly spread among these countries. Sweden welcomes 4 times more Syrian refugees than Norway and Denmark altogether.

Why does it happen? 

First of all, Sweden gives permanent residence permit to the refugees, while in Norway and Denmark they get only temporal residence permit for 3 years.   

Moreover, in Sweden a refugee can start working the day after his asylum application is granted, while in Denmark and Norway they have to wait for at least half a year.

In addition, in Sweden refugees can decide for the place where they should live, while in Norway they miss financial support and health care if they move away from the refugee reception centre. Denmark is even stricter in this question: refugees are not allowed to leave the reception centre for the first six month and then the potential residence should be approved by the authorities.

At the same time Denmark has the best policy among these countries when it comes to language teaching. And the country pays the travelling costs for the family of the refugee, while in Sweden and Norway the family pays for themselves.


All these policies are in the process of reconsideration. Denmark wants the refugee families to pay for their travel to the country, Sweden is planning to launch language courses from the early stages of integration and Norway is planning to extend temporal residence permit for refugees from 3 to 5 years.  

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