A Politician’s Facebook Message about School Attack in Sweden Draws Reaction in Norway

Claus Forberg (FRP) wrote on a closed Facebook page that he almost understand why Swedish right-wing Anton Lundin-Pettersson attacked to school with sword, according to Nettavisen’s report. In the closed Facebook group “Stopp den ekstreme masseinnvandringen” (Stop the extreme mass immigration) he wrote the message.

The comment was shared by Twitter user  “Norges tekstkrigere”, and then came to the attention of Norwegian media.

– Facebook-comment was stupid, but I did not mean how it was understood, says Forberg to TV2.

He also says he is aware that it could be interpreted as a declaration of support for the killer.

– I understand it can be interpreted that way. But one must have a very ill will to understand it that way. I do not care about them, says Forberg to TV2.

He notes he has received many reactions after his statement was published in the media.

Head of FRP local organization in Kragerø, Thorleif Fluer Vikre said to TV2 that he does not interpret it as a statement of support yet he criticized Forberg. I do not think he understood completely how this message can be perceived. But it is unacceptable to share these kinds of opinions in public space, says Vikre to TV2.


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