A New Record in Number of Refugees to Norway

The figures from the Immigrantion Directorate (UDI) shows that the most asylum applications come from refugees from war-torn Syria. Almost half of the registered asylum applications last week was from the Syrians. Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea make respectively 345, 289 and 106.

Also 75 stateless asylum applications and 200 from people from other countries were registered.

Norwegian Security Service (PST) has just concluded that there is no concrete ground for believing that the terror organization IS sends members as refugees to Norway. However, Justice Minister Anders Anundsen (FRP) believes that there is cause to keep a watchful eye.

According to TV2’s report, Anundsen said the large influx creates security challenges.

– This is a huge challenge. There are now very many people to Norway as we work hard to clarify identity. It is possible to hide among large refugee flows, and this creates safety issues, says Anundsen to TV2.

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