Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage Win Church Election in Oslo

The list of the organization, among others campaigning for same-sex marriage, received 46,065 of the total 60,270 votes. The result enabled that eight of eleven elected representatives of the diocesan council are for the church to make a liturgy that allows gays and lesbians to marry in church, writes NRK.

Oslo Bishop Ole Christian Kvarme says he is not surprized with the result but do not believe in immediate changes.

– There is nothing new to me that the majority of the diocesan council disagrees with me in this issue, but we have managed to work well together anyway, says Kvarme to NRK.

Åpen folkekirke is an organization within The Norwegian church which ran for the church election in 2015. The organization started as a reaction to the Synod’s decision not to make liturgy for marriage of same-sex couples.

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