Norwegian Business People Mobilize for Syrian Refugees Despite Boycott Threats

Norwegian sportwear company, Stormberg is one of many Norwegian companies to give away a day’s sales to the aid organizations which in various ways help the 11 million Syrians refugees. However not all customers were excited about this generous initiative. 

“It was a pity to be your good customer … was the last time I bought something from you,” writes an alleged customer on the company’s Facebook profile as a reaction to the aid campaign.

CEO of the company Steinar Olsen is upset over negative feedback and expresses they receive similar boycott threats, according to E24. 

Olsen tells E24 that there are critical feedbacks and boycott threats both to individuals and businesses that wish to contribute to refugees.

Previosuly a facebook group had initiated a boycott call for the restaurants which distribute free food to refugees. 

Several other Norwegian companies have also received threats of boycotts for their various Syria initiatives.

Hotel chain owner Petter Stordalen was a pioneer in media and announced that he wanted to assist the refugees with beds and money.

In a TV2 interview, he had promised to employ Syrians if they ask for a job. 

Stormberg boss Olsen also is more encouraged to provide jobs to refugees despite the threats.

He explains to E24 that he has an idea of hiring one refugee for each of Stormbergs stores within the next 24 months. 

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg supports the Norwegian business people’s initiatives and defines those who will boycott the Norwegian industry as a small group. 

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