School Children in Norway Sell Their Toys to Raise Money for Refugee Children

Mother of an active children in the fund-raising campaign, Trude Lorentzen said to Osloby that it was pretty tough and brave for them to stand with their toys. 

– Everyone was incredibly proud and felt that they were involved in something important, says Lorentzen. 

The children in only one class raised 8219, 5 NOK in several hours. All the money went to Save the Children (Redd Barna) for displaced children in Syria.

Communications Manager of Redd Barna Line Hegna said many children collect money for other children. They often sells their toys or food on the street. And then there are also people who run or bike for raising money, says Hegna.

She also notes that they get an average of 50 inquiries a day from people who want help with an activity. There are lots of commitment to the refugee crisis. It’s really great that people are so dedicated, says Lundgaard to Osloby.

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