Oxford Professor Shows Norway as a Model for Europe

The United Nations has asked the world’s countries to settle 130,000 vulnerable refugees from Syria. Norway welcomes 7 percent of them, writes Aftenposten.

The Netherlands, which has three times as many inhabitants as Norway,will take 500, while Poland, which has more than seven times as much population as the Norway, will receive only 100, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Altogether 29 European countries will receive over 104,400 refugees from Syria through various programs. 

USA and Germany are leading in willingness to settle refugees from Syria, through various humanitarian programs. In Europe, Germany and Sweden are the top two countries in opening the gates for asylum seekers from war-torn country, reports the newspaper.

The British refugee expert and Oxford Professor Roger Zetter believes Norway is situated in the same league with Germany and Sweden and thinks the country is an example for other European countries.

– Norway has shown a remarkable willingness to settle refugees. Like Sweden and Germany, Norway has taken its moral duty seriously, says Zetter.

He also praises Norway’s contribution to the rescue operations in the Mediterranean, and also believes the Norwegian model for settlement and integration of refugees in the municipalities should be an example to follow in other countries, writes Aftenposten.

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