Refugees Bike from Russia to Norway

A cyclist is defined as non-pedestrian and therefore can ride across the border, according to NTB. Deputy commander at Storskog border, Goran Stenseth says to Sør-Varanger Avis that it is not new for them that cyclists cross the border, but lately some asylum seekers also use the same method.

Stenseth says that so far this year, 133 asylum seekers has come into Norway over Storskog. In addition, some applied directly to the police station in Kirkenes.

Station manager Hans Møllebakken at Kirkenes Police informs that most asylum seekers who come to Norway via Russia are the Syrians who have stayed in Russia for shorter or longer periods.

He also warned drivers who takes the refugees across the border. 

– There may be people who make money by transporting the refugees. So any kind of transportation is classified as human smuggling. The penalty is imprisonment up to three years, he says.

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