Norway’s Prostitution Law Dilemma after Amnesty International’s Decision

Amnesty International Council has suggested that criminalization of sex work involves serious attack on the rights of sex workers.

– Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world and risk in most cases of discrimination, violence and abuse, said the Secretary General of Amnesty International, Salil Shetty during the meeting in Dublin.

So the organization decided to fight for decriminalizing the buying and selling of sex as well as the rental of hotel rooms and apartments for prostitution.

Decisions in Amnesty’s International Council is also binding for Amnesty in Norway, which is a country prohibiting buying sex and renting venues for prostitution. 

Advisor in Amnesty Norway, Patricia Kaatee says to NRK that they will not launch an immediate campaign to change the current legislation.

– The international council made the decision to create a policy. When it is available, Amnesty Norway will see how this will affect our work for sex workers in Norway, says Kaatee to NRK.

On the other hand, Norway’s Labour Party (Ap) and the Christian Democrats (KrF) criticizes the organziation’s decision and declare that they will not follow their policy. The two parties were had supported to introduce buying sex law in 2008. 

More about the proposal

This Amnesty International proposal advocates the full decriminalization of all aspects of prostitution. The organziation also claims the laws prohibiting the prostitution violates the basic human rights and dignities of prostituted individuals. The decision is critized with the claim that Amnesty International deny the inextricable link between prostitution and exploitation, violence, and trafficking.



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