Shooting Drama and Bomb-Like Object at University of Oslo

At 2:43, a security guard at University of Oslo spotted two men. When he made contact with them, they started to run. Then they shot four to five times. The security was lighlty injured on his chest accordin to VG.

The police consider the gun was a small-caliber weapon. The man who fired the weapon is described as about 175 cm tall, wearing red cap, black jacket and gray shoes. The man is white and spoke English, according to Norwegian police.

After the shooting drama, police detected a bomb-like object on the ground.

Police have still not arrested the two alleged perpetrators who fled on foot. Bomb Group is preparing to defuse the suspicious object they found at the scene.

Police states to NRK that they have found a jacket at the metro station at Oslo University, who they suspect may originate from one of the perpetrators.

Several buildings and some residences are cordoned off in the area. 

University director, Gunn-Elin Aa. Bjørneboe, says she is relieved information this far indicates the security guard is not seriously injured. – Apart from that we await more information from the police.

Staff working in the affected buildings, chemistry, physics and astrophysics are asked not to show up for work today, as the buildings are closed. Helga Engs hus housing the Faculty of Educational Sciences is now also closed.

Other employees and students can come to Blindern Campus as usual.

Police forbid to fly over University of Oslo blindern Campus, writes police officials on Twitter.

Police is ready with the investigation. They did not find any dangerous object

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