Students in Norway Will Live Like Real Vikings

A number of movies and popular TV shows such as “The Vikings” and “Game of Thrones” has contributed to a growing interest in Norwegian Vikings from people around the world and made the Vikings and the Viking Age trendy.

Students at Seljord Folk High School will among other things learn to forge viking sword, sail a Viking ship and be familiar with old building techniques in the world’s first Viking route in Seljord.

In addition, they will receive training in handicrafts such as pottery, woodwork, shoe making and production of charcoal, writes NRK. Rector of Seljord Folk High School, Arve Husby, says that the program is completely full for the autumn.

– There is great demand and we see that motivation of the students is very different. Some of them got interest through TV series and others have desire to learn handcrafts, says Husby to NRK.

Danish teacher Jeppe Nordmann Garly will lead the the Viking line. The students will travel to York in England, which used to be an important center for Vikings.

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