Record Number of Human Trafficking in Norway

According to Norwegian daily  Aftenposten’s report, Coordinating Unit for Victims of Trafficking (KOM) presented annual status reports on Thursday.

Last year, 324 people were registered as suspected victims of human trafficking. This is 24 more than in previous year. 37 nationalities are among the registered alleged victims.

However, the real number is higher as suspected victims do not choose to accept and report the cases of human trafficking. Fear of intimidation, lack of knowledge about the legal system, and fear of being deported is cited as possible causes. 

The reported 106 cases include vistims of prostitution, forced labor and organ trade.

Here are some other significant points from the report:

  • The majority of victims are still women who are exploited in prostitution / sexual purposes. 
  • The presumed minors constitutes 11% of the total number of reported victims.
  • There is an increase in the number of men who were identified as possible victims of trafficking.



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