One in Three in Norway Willing to House a Refugee

The survey done by Norstat for Vårt Land shows that one in three Norwegians are positive to house refugees in their home for a period of three to six months. On the other hand, a clear majority of 62 percent answered no to the question.

According to figures, larger households are more likely to say yes to house refugees than smaller households of one or two pieces. Also women (39 percent) are more positive than men (29 percent) to the idea. 

The survey also shows that northerners are more negative than other parts of the country. Norwegian in Central Norway including in southern Telemark and Oslo, are more positive.

According to the survey, Progress Party voters are the least enthusiastic group for housing a refugee with only 7 percent positive answer. By contrast, 75 percent of Rød (Red)’s voters and 53 percent of the Green Party voters are willing to open the door of their houses to a refugee.

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