Parental Drinking in Summer Holiday Worries Children

Summer can be particularly tough for many children. As the holidays come, the consumption of alcohol increase in the population, writes NRK. 

According to interest organization AV-OG-TILL, every other Norwegian parent drink alcohol every day during the summer holidays.

A new survey by Ipos MMI also shows that six out of ten parents drink alcohol during summer holidays – when children are present.

According to NRK’s report, the hotline for children and young people receives tens of thousands calls each year. 

– They say that they see their parents drunk. They are witnessing quarrels and they may have been abused by drunken parents, says information officer at the hotline, Sylwia Obuchowicz to NRK.

Senior communication advisor for the organization, Elise Nyborg Eriksen is surprised by the high figures. She notes that happiness is quite different for younger people. 

– When the mood is good and the conversation is flowing for adults, it may not be perceived as an enjoyable moement for the children, she says.

Obuchowicz from the hotline points out that many of the children are sad, frightened and feel insecure when they call.

Obuchowicz says it’s important for parents to look after and take into account when they are with their children during the summer holidays.

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