Threats against Norway Increase with Activity of Norwegian Forces in Iraq

The Norwegian soldiers will participate in the training of soldiers to fight against extremist IS. According to VG, the Norwegian participation in the conflict increases threats against both Norwegian soldiers and against Norway in general.

Senior advisor Martin Bernsen at Norwegian Intelligence Service- PST said that they assess threats continuously and take necessary precautions.

The deployment of the Norwegian force contribution in Iraq has been postponed several times, but the entire force contribution with 120 personnel is now in place. The mission in Arbil started last Sunday.

– They are determined to accomplish the mission which is to train and be advisers to Iraqi forces. It will be a little hectic initially, but the facilities they encounter there will continually be improved, said Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Moen to NTB.

The Norwegian soldiers will not participate in battle but train Iraqi security forces fighting against IS. The Iraqi forces will be trained in the law of war and protection of civilians, shooting and first aid.

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