Four High School Students Charged With Penguin Theft in Norway

Two women and two men who were born in 1996 are charged with penguin theft, confirms Sunnmøre Police. 

On Thursday 14 May, three penguin chicks and one egg were stolen from Atlanterhavsparken in Ålesund. Despite the extensive search operations, penguin kids could not be found. Police have seized surveillance images, extracted a range of mobile photos and seized some photo material in connection with the investigation. As a result, the police reached to four high school students. 

Punishable by up to one year

The four are charged under the Animal Welfare Act § 14, which is directed against putting animals in a helpless condition. The charges may be changed as the investigation progresses. Violations of the Animal Welfare Act may result in both fines and imprisonment and a maximum sentence of one year for minor offenses and up to three years in prison for serious infringements.

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